Baker's Bounty

Family Owned Since 1978

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   Baker's Bounty is a family run, farm-to-market bakery located in Linden, NJ. Jim LaPrete began the bakery in 1978 because it made sense to him that he should combine his baking talents with the farming talents of his friends. Buying ingredients from farmers and selling what breads and pastries he made from them at farmers' markets meant that Jim LaPrete had a unique product which he sold personally and alongside his family.

breads    Jim had to fight hard to achieve space at markets, and he was instrumental in the creation and organization of many markets in New York City and New Jersey, which still exist today. In the early days of the slow food movement, there was not much space left in the world for the little guy with his handmade product. Jim and other farmers at the forefront of the movement struggled to build and defend what market spaces they made in New Jersey, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Fortunately, people, including some the parks department and those who would be the founders of Greenmarket, saw that an organized market system was possible. For over thirty years now, Baker's Bounty has been proud to be a member of New York City Greenmarkets and New Jersey Farmers' Markets. The bakery is now in its second generation, and his daughter, Kim, runs the bakery with her father's guiding principle: Bake with love and care; use ingredients that were grown with love and care.

snacks    Kim and her husband, Alan, are teaching their three children to bake, buy ingredients, and sell their breads and pastries with their family's uniquepassion and integrity. They are learning to love the daily challenges of baking with locally grown, seasonal, all-natural ingredients along with thechallenges of selling outdoors in all weather, in every season. Baker's Bounty is a family business that is very grateful for each and every market thatallows us to bake for and interact with each and every customer.

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